Who are we?

Extreme Team Ltd is a result of great motivation and experience in the field of adventure tourism.

We are located in the Tijesno canyon, not far from Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska), a city on the river Vrbas near which our camp is set up with its own beach on the bank of the river.

The canyon is surrounded by stunning natural resources, that in addition to providing the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities, also offers peacful enjoyment in breathtaking nature.

Adventure has been our biggest passion for more than 15 years. All the time we spent leading people to mountains, canyons and rivers through certain sport organisations, have led us to the fact that the demand for this type of tourism in our local community has increased drastically, but the possibility of providing these services does not correspond with the need.

That is why we decided to start our own company in 2022, with the idea of fulfilling the wishes of those tourists who want adventurous activities in nature for which Bosnia and Hezegovina is already widely recognized in the world.

Piknik na stijeni
Zu na stijeni

What makes us special?

Our clients aren’t ordinary tourists, they are people who want more than a simple tour.
They are people that have an inquisitive spirit, people who always find a reason to smile.
They are people that choose the destination of their next trip with their heart, not with calculations.
They are people who prefer to keep memories of their travels with good company, and those who strive to leave a small part of themselves in every place they visit and for that place to become a small part of them.
If you recognise yourself in this description, then join us and we’ll make the world more beautiful together.

Our primary focus is
on the professional management of activities

Our team is exceptionally trained, skilled and dedicated to each individual client